Benefits of a Business Education

There are many reasons to acquire a Business education.Here are 25 good reasons to study business.1. START A NEW BUSINESS- Increasing numbers of people want to “be their own boss.”2. IMPROVE AN EXISTING BUSINESS- Most start-ups fail, attention to business principles and strategies can improve your probability of success.3. CHANGE CAREERS- Stuck in a career that’s not for you, more education and improved skills may be the key.4. GET A PROMOTION- Managers want to promote people who are prepared and have business knowledge.5. IMPROVE YOUR JOB PERFORMANCE- New knowledge, better techniques, state-of-the art methods and greater insights all contribute to improved performance.6. GET A NEW JOB- Oftentimes the candidate with a business background is the candidate who is selected.7 MANAGE PROJECTS EFFECTIVELY- Have them “come in on time and within budget.”8. INCREASE YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF BUSINESS AND FINANCE- Knowledge is power!9. MAKE BETTER INVESTMENT AND PURCHASING DECISIONS- The decisions you make will make the difference between financial success and failure.10. UNDERSTAND SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGIES- Whether you use this understanding for personal or professional benefit, you will become a more astute purchaser, as well as more effective in generating sales for your products or services.11. BECOME A SUPERVISOR OR MANAGER- Getting things done through other people’s efforts can be rewarding and effective.12. BECOME A BETTER CONSUMER- The American economy is consumer-driven, you need to understand the impact, potential pitfalls and opportunities here.13 BE MORE EFFECTIVE IN MEETINGS- Many people dread meetings, others enjoy less impact than they should.14. “BRAND” AND “MARKET” YOURSELF- Promoting oneself gains recognition and pays dividends..15. IMPROVE YOUR (BUSINESS) COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS- What’s the biggest problem in almost every organization? Communication!.16. UNDERSTAND THE LEGAL ASPECTS OF BUSINESS- It’s easy to run afoul of the law in our increasingly litigious society.17. BE A MORE EFFECTIVE MANAGER- Doing the “right things right” is an art worth being proficient at.18. BECOME MORE “STRATEGIC”-. The elements and development of a strategic plan are straightforward, yet imperative. You must be concerned with the future as you will spend all of your time there.19. IMPROVE YOUR ANALYTICAL SKILLS- Solving problems, analyzing data and making good decisions are skills that can be learned and developed.20. BECOME A MORE SUCCESSFUL INVESTOR- You work for your money. Why not “have your money work for you?”21. DEVELOP LEADERSHIP SKILLS- Leaders are developed, not born. Professional leadership can be even more effective than “natural leadership.”22. INCREASE SALES AND PROFITABILITY- Growth and profitability are the primary objectives of business.23. IMPROVE ORGANIZATIONAL OR PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS AND PRODUCTIVITY- Getting more “bang for the buck” is what they used to call this.24. SUCCESSFULLY ADAPT TO A CHANGING ENVIRONMENT- Adaptation and contingency planning are essential features of survival and evolution.25. MAKE MORE MONEY- This one does not deserve an explanation.So think about it. Your reason may not even appear on the list. Make your own list , then make your decision. A business education will help you in your life and career, whatever path you take.

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